There are books, manuals and handbooks written about sailing, sailing guides, equipment, and clubs, here are some of them.

Sail Like A PRO

Aussea Sailing School

This book by Aussea Sailing School is the perfect handbook for anyone willing to learn to sail. It contains practical advice on sailing in Australia and anywhere else. The offers information about basic manoeuvres, safety procedures, navigation, dealing with emergencies, purchasing a boat, maintenance and racing.

Sailing School: Navigating Science and Skill, 1550-1800

Margaret E. Schotte

This book examines, historically, more than two hundred years of navigation and how sailors and mariners, in general, have solved the challenges of sea navigation. You will find this book interesting if you love not only sailing but also the history behind it.

The Sailing Bible: The Complete Guide for All Sailors, from Novice to Expert

Jeremy Evans, Pat Manley, and Barrie Smith

This is a comprehensive handbook for all sailors no matter whether you are a novice or a skipper. It teaches the anatomy of the boat, how to handle sailing emergencies as well as advice and expert tips that will improve sailors’ sailing skills.

A Short History of the Sailing Ship

Romola and R.C. Anderson

This book examines the evolution of the sailing ship from ancient times to the end of the 19th century. This book gives you details of the ship from ancient times to the development of European vessels. It also examines the technical and cultural factors behind the change in form and function of sailing ships up till the 19th century.

Cruising the Coral Coast (9th Edition)

Alan Lucas

This book comes highly recommended to those that love to cruise the Queensland coast. This ninth edition has an additional 50 pages with updated marina and anchorage information, new charts, an overview of the Gulf, the Top End, the Coral Sea and new photographs. You would love it!

These resources and more will give you insights into the world of sailing that you really need.