There are some blogs and websites offering information about sailing, sailing clubs, and more. Here are some of them.

Yachting Monthly

This blog offers exclusive info if you love yachting British waters. It provides yacht news, expert advice, boat, and gear reviews and other information for cruising yachtsmen.

Classic Sailor

Classic Sailor covers a wide range of boating activities, from rowing to Tall Ships, yachts and workboats, events, news, and maritime culture.

First Class Sailing (FCS)

FCS is a sailing school that offers all the latest news from the world of sailing. It features stories from experienced sailors as well as articles covering FCS News, Boat Handling Master Classes, Atlantic Adventures, Learn to Sail, Sailing Events, and Yacht Design.


This website provides sailing and yacht racing news, stories, tips, and resources. It gives you up to date with the latest sailing and racing news from around the world.

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Dreamtime Sail

This is a sailing blog of Australian sailors and couple Rob and Karen who sail their 42′ Ketch ‘Our Dreamtime’ wherever the wind takes them.

Sailing Vessel Delos

SV Delos is a very popular travel blog with sailing videos, travel guides, sailing guides, merchandise and more. The SV Delos travels all over the world and has produced over 300 YouTube Videos.

Sailing La Vagabonde

This website documents the travel life of an Australian couple Riley and Elayna and their son Lennon. Their website has blogs with sailing tips, sailing guides, merchandise, and music. They also have YouTube videos showing every part of their life, boat, adventures and sailing tips.

Gone With the Wynns

This blog showcases the adventures of Jason and Nikki Wynn and how they live off the grid, sailing tips and tricks, local places they visit, how they make money and travel, and how they travelled in an RV.

These blogs and websites are some of the best resources in the world of sailing.