Basic Sailing Gear You Need

Sailing is an activity that requires you to have some essential gear and equipment. Here is some basic sailing gear that you need.

Sailing Knife

You need to always carry a knife while sailing. You might need it in an instant. A knife can cut through a sailing rope or free something entangled around your leg. Folding knives or rigging knives with blades will do the job.

Personal Flotation Device (PFD)

A Personal Flotation Device, also called a PFD, helps you stay on the surface of the water. Try on several inflatables and find one that is easy to adjust and comfortable. A PFD must hug your body and give you always comfort, otherwise don’t wear it.

Caps and Hats

Caps and hats offer protection from the sun, the cold, and rain. Make provision for more than one cap or hat because they can easily get lost while sailing. Also attach your hat or cap with long shoelaces around your neck so that, when the hat flies off it is caught before going overboard.


Thick and heavy socks go well with sea boots to protect your heels and ward off blisters.  You need clothes that wick the sweat from the skin. This is to keep you dry and cool.

Sailing Gloves

You need full-length sailing gloves that cover all except the tips of your fingers. These offer the best protection when working sailing sheets, halyards, and boat anchoring rode.


You need a personal grab bag in case you need to leave the boat in an emergency. A grab bag can include your wallet, keys, passport, visa, cellphone, a notepad with a list of emergency contact names, phone numbers and others.


You need to carry your flashlight. Get one of the small high-intensity lights that come in a sheath. Make sure you get flashlights with pop-on, pop-off red filters. Flashlights with red filters are necessary for your night vision.

Foul Weather Gear

You need to get a full set of foul weather jackets and bib-pants for each weather condition. Get the lighter gear for hot weather and heavy gear for cold weather passages. Add sea boots to complete your foul weather gear.

Sailing Safety Harness

You will need a safety harness to physically connect you to the boat to prevent you from falling overboard or to keep you from being separated from the boat. Harnesses can be either stand-alone items or are integrated with inflatable life vests.

You can sail with these items and be assured that you are safe and ready to cruise. Contact us for more information.

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